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S03E06 – Boogaloo! (Dear John S01E06)

Kirk takes charge of remaking Ralph's image as Ralph looks to launch his new career as a mobile discotheque...

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S03E05 – You Have That One On Me! (Dear John S01E05)

Mrs Boyd-Peters is hosting a party, but also has an embarrassing problem: what could it be? Will John be able...

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S03E04 – Telford Fried Chicken (Dear John S01E04)

Poor John's in dire need of a date in order to attend his friend's 'couples only' wedding anniversary party....

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S03E03 – Terrapin Turmoil (Dear John S01E03)

Terrapin Turmoil. When Ralph is a no show at the 1-2-1 club 'discotheque', his new friends rally to his aid...

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S03E02 – The Dear John Curse (Dear John S01E02)

As ex wife Wendy turns the financial screw on destitute divorcee John, Kate makes an awful mistake at the...

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S03E01 – The Judgemental 80s (Dear John S01E01)

It's series 3, and we take our first steps into the world of Dear John, meeting early Roy Cropper...

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Series 3 Trailer (Dear John)

It's Series 3 of the SADDO podcast! And in this series of The Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive we're leaping...

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S02E13.5 – Snaveley Manor (Fawlty Towers US Style)

In this belated New Year's bonus episode, we're joined by Gareth and Allen from the British Sitcom History Podcast...

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S02E13 – Asking For a Bunch of Fives (Fawlty Towers S02E06 – Basil the Rat)

When a visit from a public health official threatens to shut down Filthy Towers for good, the team must...

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S02E12 – Paella Wars (Fawlty Towers S02E05 – The Anniversary)

It's the Fawltys 15th wedding anniversary and Basil's forgotten (or has he?) When Sybil flounces off just before the...

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