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S02E07 – The Major Gets Cancelled

It's the infamous episode where the Major goes full Bernard Manning (never go full Bernard!)...

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S02E06 – Wrong Shaped Chips

Kurt (the amorous chef with a penchant for tiny Spanish waiters) struggles to deal with unrequited love, with disastrous...

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S02E05 – Mr Woof

As Basil's mania reaches new heights due to a heady cocktail of having to deal with Hitler-vibe Cribbins and...

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S02E04 – Jaws (The Paperback Edition)

As the farce is ramped up to 11, Basil tries to escape the attentions of a flirtatious Parisienne by...

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S02E03 – Manuel Towers

The Fawltys pop off to play golf, facilitating an Andrew Sachs tour de force as Manuel takes over running...

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S02E02 – Molten Melbury

As we start our Fawlty odyssey for real, it quickly becomes apparent that Sybil Fawlty is Alison's Tom Good. In...

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S02E01 – Bring Back Ballard!

We’re back with the first episode of series 2 and a general chit chat about the universally adored Fawlty...

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S02E00 – Season 2 Trailer

We're back with Series 2 of the SADDO podcast - The Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive. This time around we're...

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S01E31 – Rab C Briers

As we sadly reach the conclusion of our Good Life odyssey, the focus is all on Her Maj and...

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S01E30 – Yuletide Felicitations

It's the famous Christmas episode of The Good Life! Will Margo's Christmas tree meet her oh-so-specific height requirements? WTF...

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