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S03E14 – Bonk (Dear John S02E07)

As we sadly reach the end of our Dear John journey, John is struggling with his conscience. Kirk on the...

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S03E13.5 – Belinda Lang Interview (BONUS EPISODE)

In this special BONUS episode, we spend an hour in the company of Belinda Lang, talking about her long...

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S03E13 – Karen the Kitten (Dear John S02E06)

Everything's coming up John for John Lacey: he's getting the promotion he's longed for and attracting the attentions of...

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S03E12 – Be Gentle With Me Kirky (Dear John S02E05)

Has John's apparent sexual prowess been enough to keep Liz from falling from another man? While John impatiently...

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S03E11.5 – Will Bates Interview

In this special BONUS episode, Eggs is joined by Will Bates: TV and film composer, son of Ralph, and...

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S03E11 – Pocket Crucifix (Dear John S02E04)

Things are finally looking up for John Lacey on the ladies front, while poor Kirk confesses to Kate that...

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S03E10 – Dick Turpin Trainers (Dear John S02E03)

As we learn a little of Sylvia's #differenttimes backstory, John is having difficulties in his relationship with his son...

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S03E09 – Are You a Dick? (Dear John S02E02)

With Tosh from the Bill (Ricky Fortune) still hanging around like a glum, fake scouse, double denim attired bad...

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S03E08 – Not On My Birthday (Dear John S02E01)

We're into Series 2, and Kirk's nose is put out of joint when Tosh from the Bill shows up...

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S03E07 – Big Ears (Dear John S01E07)

When Kirk asks John to put a good word in for him with "Tiger", John promptly gets blootered and...

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