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S03E01 – The Judgemental 80s

It's series 3, and we take our first steps into the world of Dear John, meeting early Roy Cropper...

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Series 3 Trailer

It's Series 3 of the SADDO podcast! And in this series of The Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive we're leaping...

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S02E13.5 – Snaveley Manor (Fawlty Towers US Style)

In this belated New Year's bonus episode, we're joined by Gareth and Allen from the British Sitcom History Podcast...

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S02E13 – Asking For a Bunch of Fives

When a visit from a public health official threatens to shut down Filthy Towers for good, the team must...

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S02E12 – Paella Wars

It's the Fawltys 15th wedding anniversary and Basil's forgotten (or has he?) When Sybil flounces off just before the...

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S02E11 – Dr Sausages

Dead guests, blow up sex dolls, a kipper in a tank top, a doctor with a one-track-mind: it's the...

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S02E10 – Hotdog

When a bolshy transatlantic visitor pays Basil £20 to keep the chef on after hours, Jacko has other ideas,...

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S02E09 – Pretentious Moi?

When a psychiatrist checks in at Fawlty Titties, sexually repressed Basil immediately assumes that he is being psychoanalysed, while...

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S02E08 – Flying Tart

When Basil has some luck on the gee-gees, he's desperate to prevent the dragon from finding out, so what...

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S02E07.5 – Stephen Hall (Basil Mark II)

Eggs is joined by Australian actor, comic, writer and quiz guru Stephen Hall. Stephen was hand-picked by John Cleese...

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Show Hosts

We’re not afficionados – we’re just a couple of SADDOs who love classic British sitcoms from the 70s and 80s!

Alison Barton-Simmons

Alison Barton Simmons

Our Blog

Blathering on about our favourite sitcoms of yesteryear is fun.  So much so that when we’re not talking about shows like The Good Life, Open All Hours and Dear John, we’re writing about them!  Check out our latest blog posts for some gushing love letters to the shows, characters, fashion and language of the 1970s and 1980s

Leadbetter Drawing Room

Rose Tinted 70s Spectacles

Alison explores how looking back at a bygone era only ever experienced through a combination of repeats and outdated family decor still manages to invoke a warm and cosy glow of nostalgia….

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Margo Leadbetter - Fashion - The Good Life

Margo Leadbetter: Elegant, Timeless Fashion Icon

Regularly voted one of the best sitcom characters ever created, the appeal of The Good Life’s Margo Leadbetter is an enduring one.  Approaching 50 years since Margo first graced our screens — floral print mumus, kaftans and colourful headbands to the fore — her appeal as a comedy creation and a fashion icon, has never diminished…

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