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S01E07 – 70s Takeaways (The Good Life S01E06 – Pagan Rite)

When Jerry settles down for an evening of piece and quiet with a tasty Ruby Murray and a copy of Razzle, Tom decides to spoil his fun. Meanwhile, Barbara...

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S01E06 – Tom The Unmitigated Scoundrel (The Good Life S01E05 – The Thing in the Cellar)

When Tom decides to capture a gimp and keep him in the cellar to pedal his electricity generator, Jerry gets jealous boots. If he and Margo could give up...

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S01E05 – Get Carter (The Good Life S01E04 – Pig’s Lib)

When Tom decides it's his time to swine, Margo gets the right royal hump, and sends for the head of the resident's association - Carter (The Unstoppable NeckerChief Machine)...

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S01E04 – Rhyming Slang Hell (The Good Life S01E03 – The Weaker Sex?)

Tom and Barbara invest in an iron range from a Mockney rag n bone man, Jerry hordes the gin when Barbara pops over needing a drink, and what exactly...

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S01E03 – Gin Coma (The Good Life S01E02 – Say Little Hen)

Jerry is busy drinking midday gin and hatching plans. Margo dons a 16th century Elton John wig, while Tom goes full Al Capone on a chicken...

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S01E02 – Draughtsman Dodging (The Good Life S01E01 – Plough Your Own Furrow)

Tom is 40 and fed up with his lot. What's the problem? Mainly, he doesn't get picked for the work cricket team, so he thinks 'sod this for a game...

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S01E01 – A Couple of SADDOs

Introducing SADDO - the Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive - as we embark on our mission to take a balls deep, deep dive into each and every episode of...

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SADDO Ppdcast Series 1 Trailer

The Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive is a brand new podcast that explores (obssesses over) classic British sitcoms from the 1970s and 1980s. Join us each week as we analyse...

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