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Rose Tinted 70s Spectacles

Alison explores how looking back at a bygone era only ever experienced through a combination of repeats and outdated family decor still manages to invoke a warm and cosy glow of nostalgia….

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Margo Leadbetter: Elegant, Timeless Fashion Icon

Regularly voted one of the best sitcom characters ever created, the appeal of The Good Life’s Margo Leadbetter is an enduring one.  Approaching 50 years since Margo first graced our screens — floral print mumus, kaftans and colourful headbands to the fore — her appeal as a comedy creation and a fashion icon, has never diminished…

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Self Sustainability and Living The Good Life in 2020

The Good Life is a show we can still learn so much from, even 4 decades on, including not to become too reliant on ‘the system’, and how to maintain a friendship with people who have opinions that are poles apart from our own….

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Lovely Barbara Good and her awful man-child husband, Tom

Felicity Kendal, who played Barbara Good in classic 70s sitcom ‘The Good Life’, is a singularly beautiful woman, as well as an accomplished actress. But what did her character Barbara see in her overgrown man-child husband Tom?

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